The signature aesthetic industrial design and unique easy-to-assemble structure defined the award-winning YoDrum. It features our own proprietary chip accompanied by industry-leading sound library. The extremely low-latency multi-channel wireless connection makes real-time communications smooth.
In terms of product design, craftsmanship, technology, and user experience, YoDrum sets one of the most important milestones in modern musical instrument industry.
Minimized Module
Integrated compact sound module
WIFI & BlueTooth
Wireless mobile device connection
Invincibly Invisible
Internal cables save you from mess
Infinite Possibilities
Simply use your phone to record samples
Convincible Convenience
Highly accessible ports
YoDrum Pro App
Powerful user-friendly gadget



U-Bend Drum Stand

YoDrum's unique U-shaped drum stand is one of its instantly recognizable features. Besides giving it a streamlined and neat look, this innovative design provides YoDrum greater stability and durability than traditional digital drum kits, even with 30% less space. The U also makes the kit easier to set up, as everything just snaps together whereas no tools are needed!

Control Module & Instrument in One

YoDrum's smart control module employs a 45° 3D arc design that locks right into the drum stand. All of the complex cables and wirings are hidden inside the drum stand, and you're left with a smooth looking, aesthetically integrated kit. The intelligent module and stand were designed to flow together, and you can tell it is a single art piece on your first glance.

Precise Craftsmanship

The light but rugged YoDrum stand is made of CNC processed anodic alumina. The U-Bend is manufactured through a rigorous 12-stage process. Seven of these processes are used to achieve the precise bend of the pipe while ensuring a perfect curve within its own internal cross section.The silent pads are made of new theodolite composite material for natural and noiseless performance. If you're drumming in a living room, you won't even wake your baby!


Sample your favorite sounds anywhere!
Sample the drum kits you love and make it yours
Create playable beatbox with your own voice
Mix & Match sounds to build unique kits
Transfer wirelessly
Implemented with WIFI 802.11n & Bluetooth 4.0 Modules
  • Establish connection with smart mobile devices
  • Use multi-channel wireless technology
  • Achieve performance level, low latency and real-time wireless communication.
11 Proprietary Core Microchips
  • Single 32-bit ARM9 processor
  • 8 high performance effect DSPs and 2 precision synthesis DSPs
  • Define standards for computational performance and audio algorithm technology in music industry

  • Cloud kits management
  • Online store brings new tones and other creative features to users
YoDrum Pro App
  • Perfect companion for professional drummers
  • Fine kit customizations allow to even set tightness of snare strainer
  • Samples recording from phone to YoDrum opens up your creative mindset


Kick 12",mesh
10",mesh,head &
rim multi-sensor
Tom 1-3
8",mesh,head &
rim multi-sensor(x3)
10",mesh,head &
rim multi-sensor
10",choke &
bow multi-sensor
12",choke,edge &
bow multi-sensor(x2)
12",choke,bell,edge &
bow multi-sensor
Splash cymbal,China cymbal

Smart Controller
Polyphony 256
Preset Kits 6 preset drum kits
 User Sample Memory
approx. 63Gb
(share with other user contents)
Preset Instruments
178 preset drum voices,
128 GM voices
 DSP Reverb, Chorus, Compressor, EQ
Tempo 30 ~ 280 BPM
Display Dot-matrix OLED display
2.4G WLAN 802.11b/g/n,
with AP hotspot function
Bluetooth 4.0, A2DP &
BLE MIDI profile

USB to host (USB type C, USB MIDI & Audio Interface), 
USB to device (USB type A, MSD)
Line Out (6.5mm Stereo),
Line In (3.5mm Stereo),
Phones (3.5mm Stereo)
DC 9V, 800mA
1290 x 760 x 1060 mm
Gross Weight 31 KG

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YoDrum is one of Medeli Electronics' newest innovative musical instrument product. Medeli Electronics believes the full enjoyment of music greatly relies on high-quality musical instruments. The company is dedicated to producing top quality digital products for players of all kinds of music.
Founded in 1983, Medeli Electronics is a digital musical instrument developer and manufacturer based in Hong Kong. Medeli proved its early success in the 1980s by selling over 1 million units of its electric keyboard as a start, followed by the development of digital pianos, digital drums and other digital audio devices, adding greater dynamics to the product range. Currently it has grown into a company of over 1000 employees and with operations across Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Zhuhai.  
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